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What are the justifications for semantic web technologies?

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Article Index
What are the justifications for semantic web technologies?
Investigated layer of discfunctions
Dysfunctions in practice
Causes for dysfunctions
The risks
The criteria for a solution
Alternative solution 1: UML
Alternative 2: ISO10303 - STEP - EPISTLE - EXPRESS
Alternative solution 3: Object Role Modeling
Alternative solution 4: Entity/relationship model
Alternative solution 5: ISO 15926
Alternative solution 6: GELLISH
Retained alternative 7: semantic web technologies
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In this website we present semantic web technologies, merely applied to controlled data, as a solution for different use cases.

The justification is not: "that's nice, lets promote some novelty now".
On the contrary, the process to propose semantic web technology solutions for our use cases, went inversely:

  1. During many years of consulting we documented lessons learned:
    1. Production problem/opportunity detected (symptoms)
    2. Cause found
    3. Remedy implemented
  2. We tried to generalize the lessons learned so that the fundamental reasons for the causes was found and a conceptual solution could be proposed.
  3. We listed the criteria for a conceptual solution
  4. We went on a journey to compare different approaches
  5. We found semantic web technologies as the best suitable approach to meet our criteria

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