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Ontology development

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We use ontologies as the storage- and management instruments of a knowledge domain.

RDF and OWL ontologies are read by men and machines. The latter, with the model constructs, adds the interoperability characteristic between applications.

We offer consulting and/or collaborative development in the areas of domain knowledge acquisition, management and representation.

The purpose of the ontology defines the shape. Those purposes can be:

  1. Description of a knowledge domain. We constructed description ontologies for the domains of finance, public service, SOA, business process modelling, and many others (please follow the links finance and public service for more information).
  2. Execution of state transitions. Through automated classification of individuals, the transition through states of any business object is followed. An example ontology is ISO20022. Any demonstration of such state transition execution can be provided on demand.
  3. Linking open data. We are working on several Open Data Linking projects, notably in the scope of Master Data Management and the exploitation of big data for the purpose of statistic production.
  4. Solution oriented ontologies. Through reasoning in ontologies, which involves the application of set theory, we provide specific solutions. Examples: Assessment of maturities in specific domains, scoping convergence opportunities based on multiple criteria, analystics of resources with re-use possibilities,...
  5. Others like domotica (through the internet of things), GIS (geographic location),...


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