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What is the difference between rdf-, triple and quad store?

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RDF store

An rdf store holds place for storing the RDF datamodel.

The rdf datamodel is structured as a sequence of: s (subject), p (predicate), o (object)


In principle a table with 3 fields would be enough.

Indexing is done according to the necessities in performance for reading/storage.

Triple store

A triple store is normaly a synonym for an RDF store.

We may imagine all data in one table with 3 core fields: the triples.
The first part of the triple is optional: the subject. The predicate and object are mandatory.
There are other configured fields though for data management and technical reasons: the status of a record the validity start and end-date, index tables to speed up performance,...

Quad store

A quad store holds a fourth attribute above the -s -p -o triple: the graph name.

The graph name corresponds normally with the namespace of the ontology.

Some vendors choose another name for the fourth field but the purpose remains the same.


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