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Business Process Management

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Business Process Management is not only assuring the operations are in line with the organisation's strategy. It is also one of the cornerstones for knowledge management. Knowing how the processes, which create added value for our customers, run is crucial in these times of high worker's turn-over and many elderly employees retiring.

When we know only what we measure, knowing process descriptions are the first step to performance measurement, what is it that we would not like to know by ignoring process management.

When we know that describing processes is the most effective way to share knowledge through the organisation. What is it that we want to keep to ourselves by ignoring process management.

The services around Business Process Management are:

  1. integration with Balanced Scorecard
  2. training on:
    - Business Process Management;
    - Modelling with BPMN for descriptive purposes
    - Process improvement methodologies
    - Modelling with BPMN for execution
  3. set up of a competence centre on BPM: governance, infrastructure and staffing



Business process management is primarily an attitude.

Different types of economic activities, their process characteristics and the role of data in those.


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