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Plea for a pragmatic approach in applying new technologies and methods

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Plea for a pragmatic approach in applying new technologies and methods
Decision streps for pragmatic approach
The application of the steps on semantic technologies
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In life, interesting encounters take place at the borders of different ecosystems. There the interaction can benefit all parties most.

In professional life, such borderlines exist within developing technologies and methodologies. Examples are semantic technologies, enterprise architectural frameworks, service oriented architectures and many others. Within these groups in development different definitions and purposes are advocated. Often lots of time is put (wasted?) in academic discussions, not the least driven by personal sensitivity. After the storm accompanying the birth of a novelty is laid down, borderlines still pop up but spread into time and evolving at a slower pace: the technology becomes mature.


During that birth-giving process, pressure is put on the real life community by one “school” or the other to get support for their academic views. This pressure can come in different forms and with more or less stress. The real life community runs two risks in that case: or one is a too early adopter of an immature technology and can be considered as a fashion victim or one is a too late adopter and the competition is getting the benefit of adopting profitable techniques with the right strategies.

Managers who get the N-th wonder-solution advertised cannot always keep their interest in new developments because of the cacophony of arguments and viewpoints. To them I would like to propose the pragmatic method.

As a general approach to developing methodologies, techniques and tools I use the approach described hereafter.

This approach avoids ending as fashion victim in many announced “new” approaches, while benefiting from relevant new approaches.

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