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Bio and vision Eddy Vanderlinden

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Eddy works as freelance senior consultant. Customers include the European Commission where his field of activity is Methodologies, Interoperability and Architecture.


Eddy Vanderlinden graduated in economics with expert degree in accounting, further specializations in operational research and portfolio management.

At the age of 24 he was branch manager of a popular bank. He continued broadening his horizon in the fields of process management including multinational competence centre cooperation.

While project management (Prince 2 methodologies, and other) has been his main focus, he has also advised on, followed and assisted in the integration process of 8 mergers in the finance industry.

Eddy Vanderlinden has worked in several countries in Europe. During his career, he set up a coordination centre (financial services) for the Finnish forest industry, has taught in college and is a regular invited speaker, often at Chambers of Commerce.

His primary motivation for introducing semantic web technology into the finance industry is what can be called “the conspiracy for ignorance” that he has experienced in different situations.
Ignorance is used as an excuse, but is often an unrecognized reason for failure.
The underlying reasons are related to a lack of knowledge availability, expression, representation and accessibility. These circumstances prevent an implementation of the required knowledge.

Well before the current worldwide crisis, Eddy Vanderlinden rang the alarm bell, sought and found solutions for these knowledge gaps. Today the direct link between knowledge, production and control is the breakthrough. More documentation is found on this website.


To claim experience, some conditions have to be met:

  • permanent openess to lessons learned, a conceptualisation of these lessons and providing solutions.
  • the knowledge should be relevant in the domain.
  • the knowledge should be transferable


Besides the genuine respect shown towards every indiidual, from a professional point of view I adhered to the eThical charter for software development under reference 496. Sorry the website of eTic is available only in Dutch or French.

The main lesson learned (still learning)

“One can lead a horse to the water but cannot make him drink.”

There are lots of same errors which are repeated on and on again. It is probably specific to mankind, we want all to experience them  ourselves.



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