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Eddy Vanderlinden

Managing partner fadyart
Bruges area

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information: Motivation is the key to passion.
Purpose is the main motivation factor.

It happened to me in relation to operations research with it's usage in stock optimization, working capital optimal utilization, the optimal combination of financial instruments and critical path method in project management and process improvement.

Later in relation to game theory when marketing strategies had to be optimized. The break of the paper cartel in the 90's could be successfully predicted.

Also in relation to semantic technologies when those technologies showed being the solution for problems collected during years of project and process management.
Working on the finance ontology from 2007 the dangers of newly developed toxic products as cherry on top of a cake with blown up real estate prices couldn't remain hidden. In March 2008 the national and international institutions whose task it was to interfere were warned on those danger by email. In June the same warning was send by registered mail. (1)

Presently my focus lies also towards complexity sciences because the interdisciplinary approach widens the solution toolset for complex problems in unpredictable environments.
It is e.g. interesting to discover the similarity between entropy (2) in thermodynamics and the loss of information which occurs with each transformation from one syntax or abstraction level to another.
One discipline, dynamics and chaos, catches my special attention. The reason is demographic problems can be approached. Demography, in relation to what its ecosystem can bear is one of the key issues in the many active conflicts all over the world. More-over the exponential growth of the world's population without adequate resources is the greatest treat to mankind. It is scary to think about the implications this has for our children and the future generations.

The questions which puzzle me most are:
- why do institutions not react, being warned for an upcoming catastrophe (2), when they should in their line of duty?
- why do industry leaders not react if sound mathematical methods show the end of the happy days (cartel) approaches?
- why does the international community close it's eyes for demographic problems while the factbook of a renown intelligence agency points out this is the source of most troubles in the world?
- if BPM (3) is the way to transparency and the way to explicitate implicit knowledge in the head of people on processes, what do we want to hide by not applying BPM?
- if we know only what we measure and BPM is the way by excellence to measure process performance, what is it we don't want to know about our organisation's performance?
- if we realise semantic technologies are developed as strategic assets for both the US and European governments, why don't we adopt them right away?

If you don't know either the reply to one or more of these questions, it means you are ready to act on those issues.
Besides my professional duties, I am eager to act together on these subjects. Also on methods of knowledge mining within ourselves and creativity invoking techniques you may contact me.

(1) see this website
(2) the loss of heat and by extension, the loss of energy which occurs with each conversion
(3) Business Process Management

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